The purpose of The Grove Art Center is to bring Second Life artists together in a community of collaboration and learning. The Grove Art Center features an ever changing display of Second Life photos taken by artists of all types; professionals to beginners. We also host classes on various topics relating to the arts. including music. In addition, we have some of the best Second Life artists host discussions on their methods and styles. Stop by often and enjoy the amazing works of art currently being showcased.

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Shadowfell Photo Contest

October 9th – 28th
Presented by The Grove Art Center and Calas Galadhon


  • All photos must be taken at Shadowfell:
  • Photos must be rated SAFE to be accepted and all subject to approval.
  • The following will be denied: Excessive blood & gore, nudity/partial nudity and porn/soft porn. Avis may be in the photo but Shadowfell itself should be the main focus. Sorry, rezzing objects will not be allowed.
  • An official panel of jurors will decide the winners and will NOT be based on Flickr votes/favorites or number of groups. We are looking for creative composition, interesting and unique perspectives with details in the spirit of Shadowfell. Photo editing is allowed but don’t overdo it. Less is better. Using the Shadowfell “Shared Environment” lighting is REQUIRED!
  • All Participants’ photos will be on display at Calas Galadhon and The Grove Country Club Estates! Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention.
  • Calas Galadhon staff and The Grove Country Club staff are not eligible to participate.
  • DEADLINE for submission is Friday, October 28th at 12 PM (noon) SLT.
  • Winners will be announced Sunday, October 30th at a live event at:
    The Greenhouse Pavilion, The Grove Country Club Estates.


  • Join and submit ONE photo to the Calas Galadhon Flickr group: Calas Galadhon | Flickr MUST have the following included:
    • Title: Shadowfell Photo Contest –  [Your Name]
  • In the Flickr Description Box:

Click here to teleport to Shadowfell

Questions? Contact: Wren Carling Parker (wren.carling) or Crito Galtier in Second Life

Click here to get a sneak peek of Shadowfell

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