About Us

The Grove Country Club Estates is an upscale residential community in Second Life. For neary ten years, The Grove has provided a life of luxury and elegance for residents of Second Life. We look forward to meeting you!

Built to resemble Tuscany Italy, The Grove provides residential parcels for sale in a close-knit community environment in Second Life. Residents and their guests experience high-quality living in Second Life that is second to none.  Fifteen regions with varied size parcels for sale  intertwine and connect, with beautiful cobbled walkways winding over hill and through each valley with epic views and vistas from any vantage point.  To live at The Grove, you know you have made it to the top!  Visit Second Life’s most beautiful residential community today and see for yourself.

Contact Crito Galtier in Second Life for more
information or to arrange an appointment to view available parcels for sale

Here’s why you’ll love us!

Luxury Homes & Properties

Build your home on one of the amazing gated residential parcels  for  sale  here at The Grove, and show off your sense of style and taste. Invite your friends and colleagues to dinner and host the best, most exclusive parties.

Amazing Venues

With many public venues such as the greenhouse pavilion, the chapel, the country club, the Del Vino restaurant and several beautiful, romantic wedding venues, The Grove is the most amazing place in Second Life to have your next big event!

Amazing Price

At just ~L$7 per prim per MONTH, you’ll find us the best value! And, unlike weekly rates, paying monthly saves you money! Do the math:

2000 prims x L$7 per prim per MONTH  is L$14,000 per MONTH and L$144,000 per YEAR!

Where the OTHER guys charge per week:

2000 prims x L$1.75 (7/4) per prim per WEEK is L$3,500 per WEEK x 52 WEEKS is L$182,000 per YEAR!

Our plan saves you around 8%. That along with your free initial landscaping and set in Second Life’s most beautiful community, how can you not fall in love!

Contact us; we want to hear from you!