New Resident Survey


    Welcome to The Grove!  We’re delighted that you have joined the neighborhood.  In order to provide you with the top-level service you that we’re known for, we need a little information from you so that we meet your expectations.  Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and we’ll get to work on your parcel! Please note that until we receive this form, we cannot start working on your parcel.  So please take the time to fill out and submit this to us.  


    Thanks for choosing The Grove and please let us know if you have any questions.  We will do all we can to make your home here a dream come true. I look forward to meeting you soon and hope you’ll be happy at The Grove for a long time.


    Crito Galtier

    Owner | The Grove Country Club Estates


    Your Information


    Enter the primary resident SL ACCOUNT name here: 


    Enter a secondary contact’s SL ACCOUNT NAME here (optional):


    May we contact you via email?  If so, enter your address here: 


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    What time zone are you in? 


    What time of day is best to contact and meet you?

    About Your House

    Okay! Let’s find out what you plan for your house choice. In order to create a mix of styles making The Grove unique, you cannot use a home that is already placed on the sim you live on or within sight of your parcel. This prevents us from looking like a track home community and provides for a better experience.

    Would you like us to provide your house?

    If you’re providing your own home, please note that it must be a style that fits into a country club theme. Sorry, no rocket ships or castles. Also, please make sure it fits the size of your parcel and it’s not crammed in. As you have seen, landscape is added so we will need some room to make your parcel lush and beautiful. We reserve the right to approve your final selection. If you are buying a new home, it’s a good idea to let use look at the home on Marketplace or in world BEFORE you buy it. This will avoid you spending money on something that may not fit.

    If you’re providing your own house, you can skip the following and go to the landscape section.

    If you’d like us to provide a house for you, please note the following:

    We offer home selection services free of charge, however there are some limits. In order to obtain the use of one of our homes for free, it is necessary for the following questions to be completed fully. If this is not completed, it will delay the time in getting your home appointment set up. Our team member that will help you pick a home from our collection is Brick Stable-Masters (geniusmike). If you’re selecting a house from our collection, Brick will be in touch with you to set up an appointment.

    In order to prepare for your consultation and make the best use of your and Brick’s time, it is essential that you have narrowed down your decisions. We offer you one hour of time for free. The house is also offered for your use, for free, for as long as you are a resident. If, however, your appointment goes over one hour, each additional 1/2 hour (rounded up) is billed at L$2,500 per 1/2 hour (payable directly to Brick). If you make a good decision, and have narrowed your choices, we are confident that your home can be easily placed for you within that first hour.

    If you could choose any home as your favorite home from Marketplace or In-World, which home would it be?

    Looking at Marketplace or in-world, what are your FIVE FAVORITE HOMES - please provide the store/creator’s name, and the model name for each, and list them in order of preference:

    What architectural styles do you like? Please pick ANY TWO of the choices below by placing a check in the box next to the choices:

    Failure to complete these questions will result in a delay for your home appointment. Please be as specific as you can. It will help get you settled in quicker. Once your final choice is made and your home is placed, any changes to that home or in your home selection made AFTER the initial one-hour of free time will be subject to L$2,500 each 1/2 hour.

    We need to know the MAXIMUM room we have for your new home. We can help you with this or you may take your measurements on your own. If you know how to create a prim, make one and size it to fit the approximate area where you’d like your house to be. The height is not needed. All we need is the width and depth. When placing and sizing the prim, please allow enough space to accommodate landscaping all around your house. If you would like us to do this for you, please contact your sales associate or let Crito Galtier know and we’ll arrange to help you with this.

    WIDTH (the front facing portion of the home) how many meters?

    DEPTH (how deep, front to back) how many meters?

    While you have a huge collection of homes to choose from, please understand that not EVERY home in Marketplace is in our collection, only the very best, most high-quality homes. If you want a home that is NOT in our collection, and none of your choices listed are in our collection, we will do everything within reason to either acquire that home for you or assist you in making a purchase. But, in most cases, WE DO have most of the homes that are available already in inventory.


    About Your Landscaping


    Now, let’s talk about landscaping.  As you have already seen, The Grove is a community rich in detail and lush with landscape.  This attention to detail is what sets us apart from all other communities and is likely what made you fall in love with The Grove!  While we do allow you to create on your own, there are certain aspects we provide for you. Please know that we will do what we can to create your dream so long as it is fitting to The Grove’s style.  We don’t want to be dictators of your experience; we just want to continue the theme and style that you have seen here. Please note that all landscaping that is visible from the street must be installed by us.  This includes but is not limited to driveways, sidewalks, gates, etc. We also change seasons here at The Grove which means our trees change from spring to summer to fall then winter. It is necessary for us to control these changes so we MUST provide all of the trees on your parcel.  Don’t worry, we’ll make sure we plant something you like! 


    Our landscaper is Nαтαlιe (natalierives) and she has been creating beautiful landscapes at The Grove since 2016 and has been a landscaper in Second Life since 2007.  I’m sure you will be amazed at what she creates for you! Watch for communication from Natalie shortly after we receive your completed survey.


    If you have traveled our sims you will see they are all landscaped in a Tuscan/Spanish theme; all uniquely different but still in the same style. We have very high standards in place to make The Grove an elite Second Life residential destination that you will love.  We will try to meet with you at a time that is convenient but please be aware that Natalie is on European time and may not be online when you are. While Natalie is working with you, we have a few requests:


    1. Please offer Natalie friendship. It makes it much easier to know when she might contact you.
    2. If you have a security orb, please add Natalie to your access list.
    3. Please give Natalie the right to terraform your land. You can do that by checking the "everyone" box next to Edit Terrain under the Options tab in your About Land settings.
    4. Please give Natalie permission to modify/edit your objects. You can do this once you are friends from your friends list.
    5. Give Natalie permission to rez objects on your land.  In About Land---> Options: check the boxes Build, Object Entry. This is only required for the time she needs to landscape your land.
    6. IMPORTANT: DO NOT RETURN ANY ITEMS!   Please contact a staff member to take care of returning items you want removed.  If you return items, it may result in additional charges especially if the number of items returned is significant. 
    7. Do not tera form your parcel under any circumstances.  Contact Natalie or Crito if something needs adjusting. We’re here to help!


    Once your landscaping is complete, you can reverse the above settings.


    To better help create the home of your dreams at The Grove, we would like to know more about you and your landscape preferences. Below are a few questions that will help us in advance of your consultation with Natalie.


    1. What landscape aspects attracted you to the parcel you chose?

    3. Have you looked around the community at other parcels and seen something you truly loved that you would like to have on your parcel? (give us an example with a Gyazo link.  If you don’t have Gyazo, be prepared to send a SL photo to Natalie when you meet)

    5. Are there elements you would like to add to your parcel (i.e., fountain, pool, gazebo, etc.)

    7. Is there something you really don't care for on your parcel and would like to see changed?

    9. Do you have preference in colors? 


    As you know, your home and your landscaping count against the total number of prims you are given on your parcel. At the same time, we have a minimum amount of landscaping that is necessary to maintain the consistency and beauty of The Grove. Smaller parcels should expect to use no less than 300 prims in basic landscaping, and larger parcels may use up to 800 prims. Parcels on La Tarazza should have a minimum of 175 prims in landscape/hardscape.  


    The first landscaping is included and for free.  Minor changes requested immediately after the landscaping is finished are still included in the first month of tier (again only little changes).  Major changes not reported immediately will be charged depending on what you need! Starting fee is L$1,500 and can go up to L$8,000 for a complete make-over of your plot.


    Major changes mean redoing all custom builds, hard prims like walls, lights, paths and terraces, stairs.  Also, if during your residency here at The Grove you decide to change houses, you will have to pay for any and all landscaping to refit your house to your parcel.  We only provide ONE free landscaping when you initially move in.


    And finally, please read the covenant to fully understand our rules and guidelines. You can read it by clicking here. (insert link to covenant )


    Please tell us how you found us 

    Anything else you’d like us to know?