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Fiore Del Mare 1

Fiore Del Mare 1


Welcome to Villa Firanelli, Michaele and Eva’s home!
We took a villa that could come right out of the heart of Liguria, Italy, and planted it into one of the beautiful, lovingly and skillfully landscaped Grove estates, making it a home where friends and family are always welcome.

Walk up the drive through lush vegetation and take in the tranquility and beauty that greets you warmly throughout the seasons. Have a glass of wine with us in the vineyard or join us in the summer house to sit back in relaxing conversation with the sounds of the ocean in the background.  We have created cozy corners that beckon to sit and relax, in every corner of our home, inside and out, just have a look around and enjoy the vistas that open up in all directions.

Micha and Eva Firanelli

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