Hi, I’m Kasslina…my friends call me Kass And I’m Alatrina…most people call me Al because they get tripped up on the name

Al: We became fast friends when Kass dropped a house on my partner, Stone, and I when she was a week old. She was already showing her penchant for shopping….*smiles*. I told her that was considered rude and we’ve been friends since.

Kass: In our combined years in SL, we have lived many places in many different types of homes. Most of the time we have lived on the same land, in two different houses; sometimes with Al in the air above my house.

Al: Kass tends to be a wanderer. Never really feeling settled and she landscapes and changes things constantly. I just follow her wherever she goes.

Kass: Yes, but Al never changes anything and only reluctantly did so if I changed the “theme” of the property.

Al: So imagine how it was when Kass told me, yet again, “I’ve been looking at some land”. I’m sure you could hear my internal groan

Kass: It wasn’t all that internal..*smirks*

And then Kass found The Grove. The houses and the landscaping are far superior to other sims and she was able to get exactly what she wanted. A beautiful house, amazing landscaping and mostly, some very good neighbors and friends.

Kass: Another positive was getting Stone & Al a house on the ground. I really want her to feel as if this is her home too. I think it is because she & Stone have decorated the house…a first in over a year. Their house, set by Flame, is exactly what they love and with the landscaping set up the way it is, the two houses are secluded enough for privacy.

Al: Finally, here her soul is settled. The house and the landscaping are just what she wants. She promises we are staying and I believe her…

This is home!