Dreamscape Paradise, located 14 Park Circle in The Grove is the lot Chance fell in love with upon seeing it. The land seems to have an old soul, an ancient presence, a nature that describes it as having been lived on by many families for multiple generations. With its generously sized grounds and a 4 level, multi-terrace system 14 Park Circle offers as much outdoor living space as indoor space.

The home chosen for this lot is a contemporary take on a classic American Gabled Farmhouse. A perfect contrast to the ancient terrace system it nestles into.

Home where the heart is. The refuge we turn to when chaos swirls around us everywhere else. The entryway to Dreamscape Paradise has a few such reminders.

Beyond the foyer is a simply appointed Mid-Century Modern living room complete with period reel to reel magnetic tape stereo system. The living room is capable of accommodating moderately sized gatherings.

The kitchen adjoins the living room and is decked out in a mid-century Diner style. The color is Turquoise blue, sampled from a pristine 1959 Ford Galaxie.

The remainder of the first floor is occupied by a well appointed (if not slightly haunted library), A turn of the century Master Bathroom with adjoining Master Bedroom styled around 1930’s Hollywood Style and fittings. This floor is also appointed with works of art from abstract an impressionist masters.

On the second floor Chance has his private art studio, his office and spa-like second bathroom with large soaking tub.

The real feature of the Property are the 4 terraces out behind the home, one of which house a small solarium converted into a private gym. Ample gathering, entertainment, recreation, dancing and intimate spaces abound on the four ancient terraces, making it feasible to host events of almost any size needed at this location.

Chance has lived at 14 Park Circle for close to two years now and loves it every bit as much today as the day he discovered this ancient, soulful place. This property has never been open to the public in that time, so please do take this opportunity to tour the property and reflect on the beautiful surroundings this home resides in.