#6 Park Circle Cavalcanti Residence at The Grove is a house with soul. Decorated out of love for Tuscany region of Italy, it is an elegant and cosy villa with two floors, full of books and candles, combining fine living, sensuality and spirituality. All paintings bear names of Italian masters and the furniture comes from the best quality and style names in Second Life. If Contessina Cavalcanti is not around, the tomcats Fitzgerald and Reginald can show you the house and accompany you in the beautiful garden and patio – only if you give them a treat. Feel free to play with Fitzie and Reggie, dine, have a glass of wine and take a bath in the candle light, under the enchanted Tuscan starry sky. Or just indulge in an afternoon/evening nap in one of the many hidden and charming places around this Italian villa. Enjoy!