How do you show that you care about your home but even more, that you care about the village you live in?

The first time I saw The Grove, I was taken with the beauty of the sim and the grandeur of the homes. I moved into The Grove two years ago as a regular residence and set about making a home.

I love landscaping and was quickly discovered by Crito after I had finished the landscaping for my own home. Crito offered me a job as the sim landscaper and I’ve been working here ever since.

The work I do is 99% exclusive to The Grove and you will not see this anywhere else. I take a lot of pride in that. It’s not that I can do ANYTHING, but I do work hard to give people what they want and compromise on those areas where we have to.

The biggest compliment is when someone describes their “house” before the landscaping begins. And suddenly its “home” when we are finished.

When people move to The Grove they have dreams and ideas about how they want their homes to look. I feel strongly that I can help make those dreams come true by working with others to fulfill their dreams and fantasies. After all, isn’t that what all we come to SL for anyway?