The Cliff House

At once fearless and adventuresome, 10 Park Avenue boasts an eclectic and sensual modern design coupled with striking architecture and clean linear design, clinging to a cliff outreaching her arms to the sea and beyond.

Upon entering the main floor of the majestic home, one will immediately sense the grand openness of the space. Glass walls and roof provide at once a dramatic and daring open living concept. The perfect bachelor home comprises of all the amenities one could ask for. A sophisticated open living room with an open to the sky- glass roof enclosed pool – perfect for year round entertaining. An elegant and chic office, superior master suite, games room and a huge well equipped gym to keep one in top shape all add to the endless drama and awe one expects upon entering the The Cliff House. Each room surrounds itself with pieces of Modern Masters, carefully chosen antiquities, and a keen well balanced eye for detail

Below, guests will be amazed with a health spa, a fabulous take on a modern man’s cave and the ultimate garage for any world class connoisseur of automobiles.

Enjoy your visit, relax, and have a cocktail. Don’t forget, for our sailing sportspeople, a hidden dock built under the cliff holding two gorgeously appointed yachts. A modern sexy home, with a nod to the present and past for today’s modern eye.