La Casa de Luciano at 5 La Tarazza captures the true ambiance of a summer in Tuscany, providing incredible scope for the imagination. The courtyard welcomes you like open arms, ushering you into a central part of the home. Through its weathered doors you will find a living space that not only captures fine Italian luxury living, but also a home to be lived in, where family and friends can come together. On fine days one may be inclined to grab a bottle of wine from the wine cellar and make their way out onto the open porch overlooking the ocean front here at The Grove, and when the bottle of wine has been emptied the garden grounds will beacon you to walk through them with sweet smells filling the air from the citrus trees and vineyard. And lastly when night falls and you are fully captivated by the Tuscan dream, a night time dip in the pool bathed in the moonlight will be the perfect close to your day here at La Casa de Luciano.

La Casa de Luciano was custom made for The Grove. Designed by Catta Grizot and homeowner Luciano Lionheart, and built by ATriuM headed by Catta.