Sometimes, you happen upon a location and it feels like you have found a place out of your dreams. That is how we felt when we first arrived at The Grove Estates, on horseback, riding down the leafy lanes and taking in views of some of the most elegant estates — both formal and informal — that Second Life has to offer.

On our ride, we came upon 6 Club Road South and it seemed recently vacated, and very quickly we both saw the possibilities for that building site and knew that this is where we wanted to live. Barely a fortnight later, we did!

We started our Grove Estates adventure, and everything we dreamed of, we created here, with the help of the Grove’s premier landscaper, Natalie, and Evangeline’s designs especially for this parade of homes — a cross between a Tuscan Villa, and an elegant country estate, surrounded by magnificent landscaping leading up from the stately entry gates, past our vineyard to the circle drive and fountain.

We wanted something that felt like a real-life home in second life, surrounded by like estates. We are happy to participate in the 2018 Street of Dreams, Parade of Homes at the Grove Estates. Welcome to our home!!