The Grove Country Club Estates
2021 Interior Design Throw Down
Launch Introduction

The Grove Country Club Estates is proud to present our inaugural Interior Design event, the 2021 Interior Design Throw Down.  We encourage interior designers from across the grid to accept our challenge.  Do you have what it takes to come out on top?

Contestants will submit current photos representing their design work to the contest judges.  Out of those submissions, 20 Semi-Finalists will be chosen to complete a model home with their interior design concept over the course of 4 Semi-Final rounds.

After each round, a finalist will be selected to advance to our Finals.

The 4 Finalists will then complete an additional model home with their interior design concept in the Finals round leading up to our annual Grove Country Club Estates Parade of Homes and annual Anniversary Celebration.

But wait!  There’s a twist.  The judges will select 1 additional finalist from the Semi-Finalists.  This will be an interior designer that the judges feel has the most potential after the initial rounds.  That semi-finalist will join the 4 Finalists in the Final round of competition.

Our 5 Finalists will battle it out to see who will be crowned champion.

To enter, please see our contestant page for guidelines, important dates, and further details.

For sponsorship opportunities, please see our sponsor page.  It will give you details on becoming a sponsor.

Huge thanks to our sponsors for helping to make this a HUGE success!