Park Avenue #10


This sweeping cliffside parcel features multi-tiered decking for your home and terrace.

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If you’re looking for a piece of heaven in your Second Life, this is the parcel for you. Situated on a region corner, the parcel come with beach front on 2 sides. The winding drive unfolds to one of our signature parcels where your dream home awaits you. The lush gardens, swimming pool and breath taking views make this a parcel ideal for you and awaits your vision to making it all you ever hoped for.

Explore our other regions and discover why The Grove has set the bar for quality living for 11 years.

Set your own house or let us provide one for you from our vast collection of quality houses at NO CHARGE! Then let our team of landscape artists create a truly spectacular setting you can be proud to call home.

NO BUY IN! One time free landscaping and fitting in of your home.

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Purchase Price

No buy-in. One time free landscaping.

Monthly Tier


Parcel Size (SqM)

6,624 Meters Squared

Available Prims


Water Access

This parcel touches the ocean, affording the ability to build in amazing decking and beachscapes