Number 6 La Dolce Terra

The St James Manor owned by Rose Freyja de Lioncourt and her lovely 2 year old daughter Amalia Rose, has been lovingly decorated in a style that befits a woman of Mrs. Lioncourt’s stature.
Being an Independent wealthy single mother, has afforded her the luxury of only wanting the best for her and Amalia. This includes a music and dance room where they practice all of there favorite ballets, while Tchaikovsky plays in the background. Mrs. Lioncourt tapped her best friend Jazzalina Felisimo, from her boarding school days, as the Interior Designer for the home. She knew that with her being Amalia’s godmother as well as friend, that she would listen and incorporate all of the needs of her family.
She decorated with no expense spared, while incorporating a home that allows her daughter the ability to not feel as though she cannot touch anything. Miss Felisimo was quoted as saying “This particular client, being my best friend allowed me more of an understanding of her wishes and the functionality of the home, I was able to line curtains with off white fabrics, allowing natural light to filter in. This helped the house not to feel too stuffy, as can sometimes happen with larger homes. Also Rose is an avid art collector, so being able to incorporate all of those wonderful paintings was both a thrill and a gift” Both ladies are now taking a much needed vacation relaxing poolside as they sip champagne congratulating each other for all there hard work.

Proud Sponsors of The Grove’s 2020 Parade of Homes