Number 6 Country Club

I moved to The Grove Country Club Estates in early June 2020. I was impressed by the Grove’s classic landscaping and beautiful architecture; it felt like home. My preferences in décor lean heavily into traditional and classic pieces. Yet, I love a few contemporary/modern touches as well. I want spaces to be clean, comfortable, purposeful, and practical. Throughout the house, you will find furnishings from Apple Fall, Fancy Décor, Dusty Bunny, Hive, and Nutmeg. The house is decorated with original art by Fevaz at Atelier Burgundy and Ailsa Muliaina at AMU. Other flourishes include plants by Evadne Quintessa at Mithral Apothecary. The main living areas of the house provide spaces for visiting with friends, dining, cooking, and entertaining. The music room is the most formal room in the house and just sort of happened as I kept finding pieces that screamed, “You need a formal music room!” The upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms provide spaces for privacy and relaxation. During these uncertain times, it is important to have a comfortable home office with motivational messages of strength, love, and hope. The house is nestled in beautifully landscaped gardens created by Natalie Rives Hawk. In the back gardens, one can enjoy watching sunsets, listening to the waterfalls, or dining by the outdoor hearth. I hope you will visit our beautiful homes during the 10th Anniversary Open Parade of Homes at The Grove Country Club Estates.
Boone Huntsman

Proud Sponsors of The Grove’s 2020 Parade of Homes