Number 5 Park Circle

If you were to read my profile you would find a comment in it to the effect of ‘I like old stuff’. My favorite historical period is the Victorian era. Hence, this is the style of decor I have chosen to use for the items in my home. Mine is a simple home, with two sitting areas, a small bedroom, bath, and kitchen. The overall design is simple, and the furnishings reflect a different period of time. My preferred method of furnishing a location is what I have named ‘controlled chaos’. So, you will find a lot of small items here and there inside. To me, the more things you see make the space look lived in and more reflective of that other world we all inhabit. I enjoy role-playing in Second Life, and this is the sort of environment that feeds into my likes and pokes my imagination to keep the role-play moving forwards.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my home.


Proud Sponsors of The Grove’s 2020 Parade of Homes