Number 3 Club Road South

The house is The Pacific by Maven Homes and only 229 LI empty so it left me a ton of prims for decorating, When I choose a house I always ask myself this: is it a home that engages, excites and lifts the spirits? The Pacific is all these things and more.
Modernist architects use expanses of glass to embrace the landscape, an idea that The Pacific embodies. I believe that modern living is about the connection between indoors and outdoors, and using that to blur the boundaries of your living space, I use the entire parcel, not just*inside*, the walls are things to hang a constantly changing display of art on. It’s a home that functions both as my private space as well as a place for Expo meetings or for me to stand around staring blankly into space as I think about the next chair or flower arrangement or rug I’m making.

Proud Sponsors of The Grove’s 2020 Parade of Homes