The Grove Country Club Estates Covenant

The Grove Country Club Estates is an independent country club theme community within Second Life. Community Ownership may vary by SIM type or location; however, all residential communities are covered by this covenant.

The Grove Country Club Estates is an upscale residential development, and as such, we offer a community that is rich in content. Residents are provided with an infrastructure which allows for mobility around the estate. We endeavor to offer community events, venues, and a wide range of entertainment options for your enjoyment. Our community also encourages and promotes resident planned activities to further enhance your living experience.

All items within have been reviewed by our management and staff to ensure the most pleasant living experience possible for our residents. We ask that you review each item and have a full understanding of what is expected of you as a resident before you decide to make The Grove your home. We are available to answer your questions and/or concerns at any time prior to or during your purchase. Simply ask the community concierge or estate manager.

A Second Life Premium Account is not required in order to purchase a parcel from The Grove Country Club Estates (The Grove). The Grove regions are privately owned and operated under this covenant. Your tier payment is made using your parcel tier box only, unless another arrangement is made with Grove management. At no time should a tier payment be made to Second Life, as the sims that make up the Grove are a private estate.

1. Community Mission

It is our goal that The Grove Country Club Estates be a peaceful and quiet living environment for our residents. With parcels that range from over 900 to over 16,000 sq. m. and prim counts from over 400 to over 28,000, our community allows for larger, upscale homes with ample room to terraform between residences. We feel that this will provide you with a community experience yet allow you to also have a sense of privacy. This is a luxury community, and we will do our best to ensure it stays as such. We hope to maintain a cohesive neighborhood look combined with an activity rich community.

We also invite you to partake in the ample opportunities to interact with your neighbors through our community venues; drivable regions to region crossings; common landscaping and varied other entertainment options on Class 5 server regions.

Please note that we will not tolerate disruptive, unfriendly or otherwise detrimental behavior as this destroys the sense of community we are striving toward. Specifics are covered in our conduct section.

2. Zoning Rules

A. The Grove is Residential. Residential regions are intended for private, quiet residential use only.

B. Single-family Homes Only. We do not allow multi-family units, apartments or rentals on parcels zoned for private residential use. Gazebos or one outbuilding per parcel is allowed. More may be allowed depending on the effect to overall appearance. Multiple living facilities per parcel are not allowed.

C. Established Theme. The Grove has an established theme and aesthetic. We allow many types of homes as long as they are something that would be found in a high-end luxury gated country club community. Anyone purchasing a parcel here must be willing to accept the theme regarding housing style as well as landscape. We also reserve the right to refuse a home if it is identical or like one in close proximity to yours. You are NOT allowed to intentionally return objects! If there are community owned items you would like to return or changes to your terrain you might like to make, please contact us PRIOR to making these changes. The general theme must remain and may only be altered with our prior approval. There are cases where prims may be shared between parcels for landscaping or design purposes. We reserve the right to require this where it contributes to the region as a community and would ask that you respect our community vision by accepting your share of any landscaping items on your parcel.

In order to maintain a consistent landscape theme and ambiance, certain landscaping that is visible from the street must be provided by The Grove builders only. This include all trees, walls and gates as well as driveways, sidewalks and planters. We will be happy to accommodate your vision so long as it is in keeping with The Grove standards

D. Stables are only allowed with The Grove’s owner approval and if approved, would be required to be part of an estate that includes a home (i.e. no standalone stables – we are not a farm community).

E. Pets like dogs and cats are allowed but please limit them to a total of four.  Typically, animals of any kind have scripts and can cause lag.  Horses will be allowed only if you have an approved stable and must be limited to two.  Horses used temporarily for horseback riding are approved on any parcel and are limited to the number of current avatars intending to ride them and must be removed when you are done riding them.  No other animals are allowed (pigs, chickens, etc.) as we are not a farm community. Breedable pets of any kind are not allowed at any time.

F. No Public Clubs or Commercial Ventures. We provide venues for your entertainment. Please let us know if you are planning a larger than average home event so that we may note it on our community calendar. This allows your neighbors to plan for any extra lag caused by your event. Otherwise, we ask that you book a venue.

G. We reserve the right to support commercial venues on the region in order to bring more value to the community. This will be done with taste, and for the sole purpose of adding to the community aesthetic.

H. Terraforming. All terraforming MUST be done by The Grove staff only. The terrain at The Grove is designed to suit the needs of the community on multiple levels. Changes may alter the functionality and look of the community. We therefore require that a staff manage all terraforming changes to your terrain. Terraforming includes both changes to the land elevations and landscape in general.

I. No yard sales. You may not conduct a yard sale at your residence without prior approval. Yard sales will be planned into the community event calendar.

J. No Signs or Billboards. Any and all decorations must be within the wall around your parcel unless otherwise approved. This includes signs on the gate posts that are visible to others.

K. Landscaping must be suitable for the environment. Our community aesthetic is meant to evoke a high-end residential community and incorporates Tuscan elements. Should your landscaping be deemed unsuitable (including but not limited to statues or other such decorations), you will be required to remove the offending items. If you are unsure, just ask us.

L. Homes should be upscale and in keeping with the aesthetic of the neighborhood. We require that your home be something that would be found in a high-end luxury gated or country club community and that it accentuates the general tone and feel of your neighborhood. Custom builds are entirely acceptable. We also reserve the right to deny the use of a home if it is identical to one in close proximity to yours.

M. Basic landscaping including privacy walls, barriers and other gating must be cohesive with that of your neighbors and will be installed by Grove staff only. We have an established wall and gate theme that includes custom columns and textures.

N. No rotating scripts of any kind.

O. Your parcel must remain clear and free of clutter.

P. Please note that The Grove Country Club Estates is a MODERATE region. Discreet activities of a sexual nature will be allowed on these regions only if they are not observable from the street. We recommend you put in a sky box or set your land settings so no one can see you. If using a sky box, they should be set at a minimum of 3,000 meters.

Q. Games permitted by Linden Labs are allowed but are subject to the Second Life TOS. Please play responsibly.

R. Rent is due at the time of sale and each month thereafter on the monthly anniversary of your purchase. If in arrears more than 3 days, all objects may be returned to you and the space you occupy may be claimed by The Grove Country Club Estates.

3. Buying Parcels

A. Purchasing parcels at The Grove Country Club Estates can be subject to owner approval. Parcel purchases are approved on a case by case basis.

B. Current Purchase prices depend on lot size and prim counts and are subject to parcel specifics. Parcel boundaries are static; we will not change or alter parcel lines. Be aware of your parcel boundaries and respect them. Extra prims may be available on certain regions; if you are interested in additional prims, ask the community concierge or estate manager.

Custom Lot Prices (when available) will be dependent on the prim count, parcel size, and location and will be provided to you by the community concierge.

Please note that prices are subject to change at any time by management discretion.

C. Once you have selected a parcel, that parcel will be made available to you only for purchase. At that point, you may make your parcel purchase through the BUY LAND button, which you can find by right clicking on the parcel or from the world menu in your menu bar. Your initial tier is due at the time you purchase your parcel and is due each month thereafter on the monthly anniversary of your initial purchase.

D. Your initial tier MUST be paid at the time you purchase your parcel. Please consult the community concierge for your total due at parcel purchase.

E. Any signage on your parcel will be removed by the community concierge at the time you purchase your parcel. Please do NOT return items at any time (see zoning 2C).

F. You should NOT remit any purchase funds or tier payments to an unauthorized person. Tier may be paid directly to the tier boxes at the front of your parcel (address sign). Or, under special circumstance, directly to TheGroveSL Resident or Crito Galtier. Should you remit funds to persons not listed here, The Grove Country Club Estates is not responsible for your lost funds. For special landscaping fees, those costs may be paid directly to The Grove’s landscaper and is determined by scope of work.

G. We do not provide financing of parcels at this time. We do not have plans to provide parcel financing in the future.

H. The party who purchases the parcel is named and listed on the parcel bought at all times. While group ownership is allowed, Second Life is only equipped to recognize one party as the landowner and is responsible for tier payment. The Grove Country Club Estates will recognize only the purchaser as landowner.

I. Transfer of parcel ownership to a previously stated partner (via written request), will be considered a transfer with no additional fees due.

J. Transfer of parcel ownership to someone not listed as a landowner MUST be pre-approved by a representative of The Grove and will be considered a sale. Thus, a new, full tier payment will be due immediately upon transfer.

4. Tier and Tier Rates

A. Your first month’s tier is due to The Grove Country Club Estates at the time of purchase. All tier payments will be paid at your tier box and is due in full each month.

B. Monthly tier may be paid by lindens only. Your tier is non-refundable.

C. Tier is always due at the time of purchase. If your tier is late, you may be issued a formal warning via note card that your tier is past due.

D. If we do not receive your tier payment within 3 days of when your tier is due, all of your objects will be returned, and your parcel will be reclaimed.

E. All sales prices and tiers are subject to change, depending on any changes in pricing and costs made by Second Life, including, but not limited to, mass alterations in Linden value. Tier prices are reasonable and customary for this type of residential neighborhood. Changes to monthly tier will be announced in advance.

F. Linden rates are calculated using the Buy Linden tab in game for all valuation purposes.

G. Residential Tier Rates via Linden Dollars vary from parcel to parcel depending on parcel size and allotted prims. See the concierge for specific rates.

5. Parcel Information

A. Parcels are generally maintained in their existing size and may NOT be split into smaller parcels.

B. No renting or subletting of your parcel without the prior approval of The Grove Country Club Estates Management.

C. Terrain and textures may be upgraded or modified at the region owner’s discretion for the purpose of enhancing or improving the community aesthetic at any time and without warning.

D. We cannot guarantee your view if you do not buy a “water-protected” parcel. Water-protected parcel is indicative of a parcel where there will be no SIM next to your border. Please ask if you are unsure if your parcel is water-protected prior to making your purchase. Do not assume that because you currently have a water view that it is water-protected. A region may be placed there in the near future. We have the right to alter the terrain at any time.

E. If it becomes necessary for The Grove Country Club Estates to place land adjacent to a water-protected parcel, community management will endeavor to provide you with a similar parcel adjacent to water at an equal tier with no transfer fees.

F. You may build on your parcel but please do not leave clutter around that your neighbors might consider unsightly. Large builds on your parcel must be done on a sky platform or skybox at or above 3,000 meters. Custom home building for your lot is allowed. Please be sure that you submit your construction timeline to the community concierge.

G. Prim count may or may not be based on your parcel size, depending on your location. If you are in need of more prims, please contact the community concierge to determine if additional prims are available for purchase.

6. Objects and Scripts

A. Prim allowance is non-negotiable because of the dynamics of parcel division within SL. You can find out the capacity and usage on a parcel by right-clicking on the parcel and going to ABOUT LAND, then Objects. We may or may not be able to free up some additional prims to be used on your parcel; however, we reserve the right to keep landscaping and other objects to preserve the theme of the region.

B. Please be very careful not to exceed your prim allowance as objects such as specially placed landscaping, driveway features and retaining walls may be inadvertently returned. We are lucky enough to have highly esteemed Second Life builders placing these items for us. Any returns of community objects will result in an additional assessment to cover their time should we be required to request they replace things due to item return.

C. All original objects on your parcel remain the property of The Grove Country Club Estates unless prior arrangements are made. Please contact the community concierge to arrange placement according to your needs.

D. Objects used in landscaping and on the parcel you purchase/rent are for your use while you are there. They may NOT be returned. We will not remove waves, clouds, trees or other items necessary to the overall community aesthetic.

E. Objects outside of your solid parcel boundaries that are “floating” in nature or appear to be unattached or “out of place” may be returned to you if deemed inappropriately positioned or lost.

F. Objects outside of your solid parcel boundaries that effect your neighbors may be immediately returned to you should a complaint be made. We encourage you to communicate with your neighbors if you are out and adjusting or building and may have temporary item encroachment.

G. There should be no colliding items on parcels. If you have an item rezzed on your parcel that has a collision state, please alter or remove it. If not removed in a timely manner, we reserve the right to remove it.

H. No high lag scripts. Any scripts running .1 or above are considered excessive and must be disabled (it is best to keep scripts under .05 in operation). Any scripts running above .2 may be disabled by The Grove Staff without warning.

I. No animated or rotating textures without prior approval.

J. No Spy, weaponry or role-playing scripts used in combat. This is a residential community, not an RP SIM.

K. If scripted items are found to be creating lag that affects your neighbors or the community at large, they may be disabled or the object containing them returned to you.

L. Particles are allowed on residential parcels (snow in winter, fountains, water, etc.) only when the parcel owner(s) is online. Please show your neighbors consideration and turn off particle generators when logging out of grid. This will greatly reduce the lag that both you and your neighbors experience.

M. All textures used on your rezzed prims must be 1024X1024 or less.

7. Building and Access

A. Use of the ACCESS tab in ABOUT LAND is permitted with exception to the Ban Utility. Please use a security system instead. The community concierges will be happy to assist you should you need references to alternative security measures. DO NOT enter names in residents allowed box. Public Access box must be clicked at ALL times. Should you find someone griefing or harassing you, please report this person to a Community Concierge. Should they be reasonably assured as guilty of disturbing the peace, they will be banned from the region by The Grove Country Club Estates Management.

B. Parcel ban lines are prohibited at the Grove. If you have enabled ban lines and you are not online to disable them, the parcel will be reclaimed in order to eliminate the lines and set back to sell to you for an assessment fee.

C. Security Systems must exclude waterways or other general public access areas and MUST give at least a 30 second warning. You are responsible for ensuring that your security system is properly configured. Security systems may be returned to you if they are blocking resident access to public areas. Your system must work ONLY within your solid parcel boundaries.

D. Security systems MUST allow The Grove Country Club Estates Staff members access to your parcel. We will NOT enter your home without prior notice with exception to emergencies affecting other residents. Should we on any occasion accidentally teleport incorrectly and appear in your home, we will immediately depart the premises. Please accept our advance apologies for these rare occasions. We reserve the right to enter your property for any emergency or for routine maintenance of the sim or landscaping work.

E. Houses and structures must be suitable for the theme of the region. No medieval castles, forts, ruins, tree houses, etc. All home builds must be of reasonable height. Please avoid “stuffing” your parcel with a house. Keep in mind that you are paying in part for the overall appeal of the neighborhood as you have seen it. An excessively large home for your lot size will detract from the look that brought you to our community. Many homebuilders will provide you with a “footprint” or shadow of the home you are interested in prior to your purchase. This will help ensure that the home you are interested in will fit correctly on your parcel. If you are unsure if a structure is appropriate, please contact the community concierge prior to making your purchase. You may place non-offensive builds on a platform 3,000 meters or higher. Those may be of an RP theme. Your home must also be unique to the neighborhood. Having more than one house of the same type/style will take away from the feel The Grove has established so please be unique.

F. You must leave pre-existing terraforming as a border to your home. In some instances, this border may be adjusted slightly. Please contact one of our builders to discuss changes and we will make them for you.

G. No buildings shall be taller than three stories without prior approval.

H. All sky builds must be above 3,000 meters and prim usage will be counted against your parcel total prim allowance.

I. Boats must be less than 4 meters wide and must fit the surroundings, unless on a private water parcel.

J. Please no more than 2 vehicles on driveways at one time (more can be stored in garages and carports if you want to leave them in-world.

K. No helicopters or airplanes may be left rezzed on parcels. Exemptions may be made for private homestead regions where the impact of such items has a zero effect on the overall community aesthetic and/or other residents. Such exemptions are subject to the discretion of the owner of The Grove Country Club Estates.

L. No garbage cans, signs or lamp posts may be rezzed outside of a resident’s gate.

M. Banning of The Grove Country Club Estates Residents is not allowed without prior approval, unless it is due to active and hostile griefing and/or harassment. If this occurs, you have the right to ban a Resident of The Grove Country Club Estates, but you must also send a note card explaining the situation in full to the staff of The Grove Country Club Estates within 15 minutes of the ban.

N. You may NOT alter any structure provided by The Grove Country Club Estates for your use. If you provide textures, the inside color/texture may be changed to suit your needs. The outside of any structure should remain unchanged.

O. You must always permit The Grove staff and owners access to your parcel. As mentioned in section (d) above, security and any other such limiting elements that you install must grant access to all Grove staff. While we appreciate and respect your privacy, we have sims to run, maintain and operate. Occasional access to your parcel(s) to maintain the sims is to be expected and allowed. Please contact The Grove staff for a current list of staff members to grant access to on your security orb.

8. Conduct

A. Harassment, verbal abuse, and intimidation of any kind will not be tolerated in any form at The Grove Country Club Estates. Offending parties will be given a warning and/or expelled from the community for proven infractions of a serious nature. In such cases; deposits, tier, purchase fees, service fees, etc. are all non-refundable. Please be an adult and discuss issues in a tone of mutual respect and courtesy.

B. The Grove Country Club Estates does not take sides in personal and professional rivalries and/or disputes between residents. Disputes should be resolved between residents without bringing region management into the dispute. Residents with a continued pattern of bringing personal disputes to region management will be ignored or asked to leave the community. The option to resell their parcel is available with management’s assistance; however, The Grove is under no obligation to do so, and reserves the right to decline this service. In such case, deposits and parcel purchase fees will only be refunded at The Grove’s discretion.

C. If a resident feels that he or she can no longer live in proximity to a neighbor because of a personal dispute that does not involve a pattern of harassment or intimidation, but does not wish to leave the community, the aforementioned resident may choose another parcel of the same value and be transferred for no additional fees other than for any required terraform and landscaping services. If the said resident moves into a higher value parcel, The Grove will charge the resident the difference between their original fee and the larger parcel’s fee.

D. The Grove does not accept any responsibility for situations where a new resident chooses to purchase a parcel adjacent to another with whom they have engaged in past disputes.

E. If a resident does not like their new neighbor, then the burden is on that resident to move parcels. In such a situation, The Grove will apply your pro-rated tier to a parcel of equal size and/or value with no additional fee. Additional terraform and landscape service fees will, however, be assessed.

F. An exemption to the above rule will be made in cases where a new resident purchases a parcel adjacent or in close proximity to another resident for the sole purpose of intimidation or harassment. If this can be demonstratively proven to our satisfaction, then the harassing party will be either moved to a different part of The Grove or expelled from the community. In such cases, deposit and/or purchase fee may not be refunded.

G. While harassment is taken seriously by The Grove, isolated instances of gossip, cursing, arguments and disagreements do not constitute a sustained pattern of harassment. We will NOT step into the position of arbiter in such matters. This is a community of people. As such, there are to be expected occasional disagreements and misunderstandings where people react in an inappropriate manner. As in real life, we expect residents to deal with such incidents in a mature manner.

H. Harassment is defined as a sustained pattern of behavior including, but not limited to sexual harassment, advances and inappropriate vulgarity, persistent irritation and aggression targeted to a specific individual or group, slander and/or libel.

I. No extreme RP staging (except above 3,000 meters and within Community regulation and SL TOS).

J. No combat weapons, no caging or boxing others.

K. No sandboxes (you may build in your skybox or on a platform).

L. No advertising and no advertised (classified or otherwise) events on residential parcel.

M. No nudity or sexual behavior within public viewing.

N. No sexual soliciting allowed towards other residents, unless invited.

O. No spamming.

P. No slanderous remarks.

Q. We reserve the right to evict any resident at any time for inappropriate or offensive actions. In all fairness, we will allow you time to correct or resolve the situation. If you are evicted, all your objects will be returned to you.

R. If you have an issue with anyone or anything related to this region and/or The Grove Country Club Estates and/or its affiliates, or another resident that needs to involve us, you must notify us by note card. You may not contact us via IM in this situation. Please clearly explain the situation. Please do not burden other residents with your issues. We may attempt to rectify the problem however, we are not responsible for any guaranteed outcomes. Our decisions will be ethical, fair, and final.

S. It is your responsibility to attempt to resolve any issue with another resident to the best of your ability. We are a content and activity rich community. Outward displays of intolerance toward your neighbors at community events will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.

9. Access to Entertainment Venues

A. Each resident of The Grove Country Club Estates receives one Entertainment Venue fee free, or discounted on weekends, for 1 event per year. Any other booking of an entertainment venue will be at the current rates.

B. Rates for The Grove Country Club are as follows:

1. Club rental is 1500L per hour with a four-hour minimum rental of 6000L.

2. Ten hour to twenty-three-hour rental receives a 10% discount in price.

3. Twenty-four-hour rental receives a 20% discount in price.

4. A 20% increase of price will be added to all fees concerning private rentals to cover optional staffing provided by The Grove.

10. Additional Fees and Assessments

A. There will be additional assessments should you exceed your prim allowance and community items are returned. Be sure that you have a cushion of prims prior to rezzing anything.

B. There will be an assessment fee if terrain repair is required due to unauthorized and/or unsupervised terraforming by either yourself or someone else.

C. Purchase price and tier are non-refundable. Certain circumstances may be considered if any error is made on our part. Under those circumstances, a nominal fee may be held for administrative work done on your behalf.

D. Additional fees may apply should your tier payment be tardy.

E. Additional fees may apply should you request major alterations to your terrain that could be considered custom work.

F. Additional fees may apply should you leave your parcel open to terraforming and incur griefing on community parcel as a result.

G. Additional fees and assessments may be charged to you for any obstruction to public waterways, roads, or other public areas.

H. Additional fees may be incurred should you allow ban lines on your property.

I. Should you decide to transfer to a different parcel within The Grove, your tier balance will be transferred to the new parcel. There will also be a transfer fee of L$5,000 to cover landscaping and other administrative costs. You will also be required to pay one month of tier on the new parcel.

11. Disclaimers

A. Please note that failure to pay tier or comply with the items within this covenant may result in your parcel being reclaimed. If your parcel is reclaimed, you will lose your investment without refund. We will do our best to help you prevent being non-compliant; however, you are responsible for reading and understanding the covenant, paying tier, reading community notices, and covenant updates in order to stay an active member of The Grove Country Club Estates.

B. The Grove Country Club Estates reserves the right to modify this covenant at any time without prior notification. You will be notified of updates and/or revisions via group notice to The Grove Country Club Estates Group.

C. The Grove Country Club Estates is not responsible for any changes in pricing, rules or conditions, malfunctions, shutdowns, errors, delays, object loss, lag, or other problems imposed by the virtual world of Second Life. We reserve the right to make final determinations as to the aesthetics policy. We will provide you, our residents, with the best possible experience on our regions. We realize you are here to enjoy your Second Life and it is our general policy to assist you with this while you are on our properties and partaking in community endorsed events.

Please enjoy your time at The Grove Country Club Estates. As always, we welcome your suggestions and comments!

12. Contacting The Grove Country Club Estates Staff:

Crito Galtier, The Grove Country Club Estates Owner [email protected]