13 Seaside Drive West

Welcome to my home.  To my mind a home speaks to who, and what, it’s owner truly is.  I tend to not follow any particular style of design, rather I adhere to my own ideas as to what I feel is right for me.  The artworks, furniture, toys, magazines, foods, liquors all define the actual owner (me).  Small things, such as a spilled glass of wine, or a less than tidy kitchen, can tell you much about that person.  The surrounding land is also of importance and interest.  How does this person like to spend their time?  Much might be learned from a simple chair underneath a beach umbrella sitting on a dock beside a large body of water.  Feel free to explore my home and hopefully enjoy my attempt to satisfy myself. Please do not stumble over anything that may be in your path.


 Elissabeth Larsson

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