6 Park Circle

Ah, the good life!  We all want it.  So where does a retired SL rock star live?  Where else?  The Grove.

Park Circle 6 is the place I call home, and it is a lovely home indeed.  A two-story Neapolitan villa sits on a rocky cliff overlooking the strait between Park Circle and Riviera Drive. While perhaps not on as grand a scale as some other estates in this region, this villa, with its warm, inviting earth tones and striking views, along with beautifully manicured landscaping, provides a cozy and rejuvenating retreat from a hectic SL lifestyle. My favorite parts of this home are the water feature across from the front door, where I often spend quiet times in contemplation, and the lush, beautiful west side gardens, filled with mature Italian Cypress, lovely wildflowers, and crowned by a majestic wisteria as tall as the house itself, which I had imported just for that spot, as well as the patch of glorious purple/silver Persian shield, all of which are guaranteed to delight the heart of any SL horticulturist.

The pool area affords splendid views of the open sea, and the sound of the waves can be heard from these heights, making it one of my favorite escapes.  Nearby to the east, a stairway leads down to the beach for when I just really need to hear the waves at full volume. 

Inside, comforts abound with a good-sized kitchen, large sectional, dining for four, a grand piano, somewhat eclectic office, and upstairs, a full barroom complete with darts and air hockey, as well as the expansive master suite. Throughout these spaces can be seen the works of modern master Roger Dean, a name needing virtually no introduction for those in classic rock circles.

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