The Majesterium Estate is was the home of Brick Masters-Galtier and it is now the Masters-Galtier Family Country Estate.  Almost 5 years in the making, and having gone through a variety of changes, the estate was designed by renowned architect Patch Thibaud as a special commission for Brick Masters-Galtier as his family home.  The beautiful Venetian-inspired Italianate design of the mansion and grounds is evident in the sculpted water features, loggias and gardens.  At Majesterium, you will see custom textures in many of the surfaces, that are very specific for the property and available nowhere else in SL.  Many of these textures were photographed on-site in Italy in RL by Patch Thibaud, to be imported and used for this project.  The estate is open 24/7 to the public for touring, and for a beautiful photography spot.


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