4 La Tarazza

A home is never done, always starting off with a blank page. Then finding the inspiration that makes it a home for you to come home to after a busy day.

This is the first home that I’m putting together for myself, and my inspiration has been comforted, rustic, and art.

I have been to new places that have been on Second Life for a while but for me, but it’s new for me which is Apple Fall, Bazar, and Kraftworks. They have opened my eyes when it comes to seeing the amazing texture of the fabrics to the rich colours of the rustic woods. The rustic side has been with me since I was a kid and felt peaceful and relaxed. It will stick with you for lifetime when you get that feeling. When I look at a painting or some kind of art it makes you think for hours and hours then it becomes a chat to have over wine or beer. I think that is why art has always been around me and love to support other artists that you will see on the wall works by artists such as Chuck Clip, Fly Kugin, Xia Chieng, Lisa Mitrokhin, etc. When I look at art it puts me in the mood to do art myself in the art studio upstairs. It is where I can get away from everything and just be around colour pencils, markers, paints, and etc.

This is the kind of place that I can picture myself in real life coming home to having a glass of wine or rum and coke on a calm night or enjoy an evening with friends outside. Now I feel really at home. Thank you.

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Proud Sponsors of The Grove’s 2021 Parade of Homes