1 La Dolce Terra

Some very talented decorators can furnish a home in a very short period of time. I am not one of those super talented Second Life resident. It took me a while to decorate my home and the reason for this is that most of the decorating items are a reflection of my soul and the person I truly am. I chose one of Brick’s beautiful homes based on the fact that I prefer a smaller home rather than a truly large home.

Each room has a meaning to me… The living room has a splash of color which I never combined before. A place to cuddle and relax surrounded by my favorite pieces of art from a select few artists that I truly enjoy. The study room is where I get my work done and make sure that I’m all ready for the live artists I manage. (The desk does have a few naughty options so that I can be playful with my special someone)

Who needs a kitchen? I never cook!

Two more lovely rooms upstairs … The bedroom and a social/music room. The bedroom has an understated sense of style and intimacy with soothing colors. I am definitely a romantic! The social/music room is very contemporary and filled with musical instruments. It’s a great area to invite friends for chats and music.

The exterior was already so well decorated by The Grove landscaper, but I did add a few of my own touches. My little car is in the front. In the back, there’s a rusting outdoor dining area and also a hot tub. I did add those super comfy loungers by the pool and let’s not forget a fun Greedy table.

Life is just so good at The Grove. It sure is a wonderful community.

Please feel free to visit during the Parade of Homes


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