3 Club Road South

“Darling call the architect and tell him we want something that looks like we are evil warlords who wish to take over the world” I said.

Later I said to my bestie over Mai Tai’s at the local country club that I told those men to *slightly slurring after 3 cocktails* “check every fuckin’ box” and spare no expense on my house!

This sparkling 2 story home features immaculate wood floors, spotless counter tops, and crystalline baths including oversized bathtubs. Super clean! Huge doors & windows leading onto private balconies shower the bedrooms with light and raindrops. Roof.  Garage with squeaky clean floors and fully laundered mice. Landscaped with rocks, grass, stones, and moss. Town water, pool, no garbage collection, weatherproof.

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Proud Sponsors of The Grove’s 2021 Parade of Homes