Number 7 Seaside Drive West

The concept for 7 Seaside Drive West is of a grand house in the south of France being reborn as a new generation makes its mark. Built some time ago as a showplace for a prosperous merchant, it passed through several families before being acquired by the current owner, a young financier

The house is sited relatively close to the road to maximize space for the gardens and terrace at the rear. This also serves to create the illusion of a grander home, as the facade fills the view from the gates rather than appearing smaller were it set back in the distance. The landscaping is more casual than formal, but subtle hints – like the wide steps rising from the driveway – remind visitors that this is a house with gravitas.

Entering the generously proportioned, double-height foyer, the vibrant art immediately grabs the visitor’s attention and boldly declares that this is now a modern space. (All major pieces are sourced from the owner’s personal RL collection and are not licensed for general or commercial reproduction.) Symbolizing the progression through time and the way a house responds to its inhabitants, the first rooms one encounters – the kitchen to the east and the sitting room to the west – are the most traditional. Moving through the space – as we move through time – the house becomes more contemporary and even joyfully irreverent. At the core of the house, directly flowing off the foyer and uniting all the other rooms, the lounge forces the visitor to stop in their path with the placement of a large, dark sectional, Progress halted, visitors must consider their environment, their path and their choices.

Upstairs, there are two generous guest bedrooms on the west side of the house, while the master suite occupies the entire east side. This arrangement ensures that the owner can be awoken by the morning sun. A spacious guest bath with views over the gardens and terrace and a private master bath and dressing room complete the first floor.

Outside, facing the water, is a handsomely proportioned, multi-tiered terrace with a pool. Built by The Grove’s landscape team from a concept designed by the owner, its large scale is managed through the careful placement of furniture and landscape elements. The owner often uses this space to entertain friends with live performers and other shows. The terrace area can comfortably accommodate over 100 guests without feeling crowded. A large open area on the west side accommodates temporary staging, dancing, and other uses. Finally, grand stairs wind down to a natural beach, from which one can swim across several regions or simply enjoy the lapping of the waves on the shore.

At times formal and impressive, there is considerable detail (note the light switches and mains sockets throughout). There are also playful and even silly touches to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. It’s hard to miss the “dragon” carnival ride on the back lawn. You could walk under the mounted unicorn head in the ensuite and not notice it, however. Look even more closely and you’ll find others. I’ve enjoyed putting this home together and I definitely enjoy living in it. I hope you’ll enjoy visiting 🙂


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