Number 1 Seaside Drive

Bella Sol is the Grove home of Flameheart Sol deLioncourt. Flameheart is part of the aristocratic Lioncourt dynasty from the Southwest of France. Her family has held a seat in the Province of Guyenne and Gascony since ancient times. Lioncourt is translated “lion-bold” and bold they were, as they migrated to the new world and settled in Quebec in the 17th century. Flameheart comes from this direct lineage and is part of the society circuit in Quebec, New Orleans, and the Grove. Her home at the Grove County Club Estates is reminiscent of the English Manor style, with all the opulence you would expect from the Gentry – in a smaller, cottage size.

The home sat on a bluff, offering expansive water views and a glimpse of the Chapel at La Tarazza across the channel. The long approach drive is lined with lush greenery, opening to small formal gardens surrounding the Manor entrance. The imposing stone and concrete entrance is balanced by the extensive use of peach marble and gilt on the interior. The home offers a generous display of deLioncourt antiques, passed down from generations long gone. At the top of the marble staircase, are two well-appointed bedchambers for the Lady and her guests. While small in size, Bella Sol offers the same attention to detail and genteel living as Lady deLioncourt’s other homes.


Proud Sponsors of The Grove’s 2020 Parade of Homes